Plein Air Paintings


"Blue Ridge Parkway Overlook"  2005       oil on panel  9x12

"Shrimpboat"        Calabash, NC      2005       oil on panel  12x16


"Back Pasture at Sunset"   Ringgold, GA    2005  oil on panel   12x16


"Chinaberries and Azaleas in Blue Jar"    Blue Jar Series   Kinston, NC    2005       oil on panel, 9x12

"Chattanooga Choo-Choo"   Chattanooga, TN   2005   oil on panel   11x12

"Georgia Farm"   Ringgold, GA   2005   oil on panel  12x16


"Flowers around a pool"   Brookgreen Gardens, SC   2005    oil on panel    9x12


"Live Oak"     2005   Brookgreen Gardens, SC    oil on panel     9x12 (sold)


"Brookgreen Afternoon Light"  2005   Brookgreen Gardens, SC   oil on panel   9x12


"Cattails"   2005  Myrtle Beach, SC   oil on panel   9x12   in memory of artist and friend Mike Pacitti


"Brookgreen Arch"  2005   Brookgreen Gardens, SC   oil on panel  9x12